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The Italian Job - Businessmen with suitcase by Pietro Capella



The value of meritocracy in London
Mr Stefano Stea discusses the value of meritocracy in London. A maxillofacial facial surgeon with degrees in surgery and dentistry, Stefano works both in Italy and in England:
"When I discovered that I could carry out my practice in England a stimulus was triggered.
I hope that I will not shock anyone if I say that meritocracy is trampled on Italy; here it isn’t.
If you work well you're in, if you don't work well, here’s the door.
Here in England they created a national health system, the NHS, which truly covers the entire population, including dental care"

Interview with Mr Stefano Stea - NETTUNO TV - March 28th 2018



Michele Cassetta interviews Dr. Stefano Stea, maxillofacial surgeon, at Villalba Hospital

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Loredana Del Ninno interviews Mr Stefano Stea, Head of Maxillofacial Surgery at Maria Cecilia Hospital, Cotignola

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Mr Stea explains what the maxillofacial surgery is and when it is performed

Video interview with Mr Stea 28.08.2013


28th August 2013: interview with Mr Stea during the TV show "Obiettivo Salute"
broadcast by Italia7 Gold (Italy) touching on several topics related to maxillofacial surgery